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About Minneapolis Psychologist, Dr. Richard Alberta


Forensic Psychology is the application of the profession of psychology to the questions and issues relating to the law and the legal system. Dr. Alberta has training not only in clinical psychology but also in forensic psychology. His years of experience position him to help the finders of fact to appreciate psychological findings as they inform the legal process. Learn about Minneapolis Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Alberta’s complete list of services.

Three areas of specialization and clinical experience are important to Dr. Alberta’s appreciation of the field of Forensic Psychology.

Long before Dr. Alberta studied to be a forensic psychologist, he noticed that many of his therapy cases spanned the psychological as well as the legal domain. For example, after earning certification in the treatment of chemical dependency, he realized that successful treatment of alcoholism necessitated cooperating with the realities of the legal system. Therefore, early on in his career he began integrating legal consequence with therapy goals.

In the mid-80’s after his training at the University of Minnesota Department of Family Practice, Program in Human Sexuality, Dr. Alberta gained experience in the assessment and treatment of sex offenders. This area of specialization demanded knowledge of sex offender legislation, liaison with a variety of law enforcement agencies, and necessitated working with the defendants’ lawyers.

Dr. Alberta’s clinical psychology internship at the Department of Psychiatry, Sinai Samaritan Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin included an intense rotation in geriatric psychiatry.  After his doctoral internship, Dr. Alberta practiced at the State Hospital in Anoka, Minnesota. The areas of geriatrics and of serious and persistent mental illness frequently demanded that he work closely with the court system in order to facilitate the civil commitment process.

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