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IME – Independent Medical / Psychological Examinations

One of the most common reasons for an independent medical/psychological examination (IME) is for reasons of civil commitment. Civil commitment examinations are warranted when questions are raised about the presence of an organic brain disorder or about the presence of a substantial psychiatric disorder under which your client may be laboring. Often these disorders are manifested by incidents of faulty perceptions that pose a substantial likelihood of harm to self or others.

Dr. Alberta uses both psychological interview techniques and forensic psychological tests to gather information of relevance to the finders of fact. His forensic psychological tests meet acceptable standards of reliability and validity, are generally accepted in the forensic community, and have been subjected to peer review and publication. In this sense, Dr. Alberta’s forensic psychological tests meet the Frye standard and the Daubert standard.

Minneapolis psychologist, Dr. Alberta provides consultation services to lawyers who wish to explore alternatives to commitment and to examine the reliability of evidence supporting commitment.

If you have questions or would like to set up a Independent Medical and Psychological Examinations, contact Minneapolis psychologist, Dr. Alberta today.